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CNC Milling

CNC Milling Capabilities


CNC Milling Services

- Full profiling, milling, drilling and tapping facilities available

- Comprehensive range of vertical machining centres with 4th axis CNC Milling ability

- Volume batch manufacturing with scheduled call-off welcomed

- Specialists in stainless steel components with extensive expertise in mild steel, non-ferrous and plastics materials

- Advanced vertical CNC Milling Services with 4th axis capability

- Let us help with "design for production" for cost control

- We can CNC Mill parts from solid, or castings as required

Vertical CNC Milling Services

- Arrell can offer the same excellent level of quality and service in CNC Milling which our customers have come to enjoy from our turning department.

- Fast production with high accuracy

- 4th Axis capability to reduce number of milling
operations required.

- Faster cycle times / reduced handling

- Efficient drilling and milling

- Compound table

- Suitable for production of a wide variety of milled parts


4th AXIS CNC Milling

- Many turned parts of up to 65mm diameter require complex milling and drilling operations. Arrell have introduced a DMG CTX 400 Series 2 with Y-Axis capabilities which allows components to be milled and drilled during the same setting, thus reducing cycle times and manual handling of components.

- Fitted with a bar feeder to allow "lights-off" machining

- Maximised production hours so reduced delivery lead times

- Live tooling permits milling and drilling at one setting

- Faster cycle times due to reduced handling

- Reduced handling so improved efficiency